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We are offering different typs and different weights (from 40 g/m2 to 360 g/m2) of raw material from velour, nubuck, synthetic leather, velvet, polyester, produced with german high quality standards. Depending on the particular type, materials could be modified, finish, dye, print, perforated, stamp, cut and sew in many ways, with high standards of quality.

If you need special type of ribbons, please contact us – we will show you possibilities and help you choose the right article for you.


Evolon® is very unique microfiber fabric produced in patented technology where Polyester and Polyamide fibers are spun into endless segmented microfilaments.

Thanks to special production process, properties of Evolon® make him perfect material for various applications like absorbing sound or water material (for ex. quick-drying towels) technical packaging and clothes, sun protection and window treatment, anti–mite bedding, or even printing media for signs and advertising.

Evolon® have very light weight, but its strong at same time, and has very good barrier for filtration properties. Evolon® it’s very absorbent, but also quick to dry, and breathable.

If you want more detail information, or you may need Evolon® in your production, contact us.


In our offer are high-quality products such as gels, latex, foam, fabric, pillows, mats, seat covers and accessories for mattresses.